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Belive it or not?

Can you belive it ? .. ahahah macam tak percaya kan....
The speed of torrent I downlaod can achieve 100kbps .. The speed is really fast ... isn't it ?? I'm using only 1.5mbps streamyx....

Half-Life 1 Updated Released

Half-Life 1 Update Released

Its been a while since the last HL update. This new update allows you to have a custom avatar/image when viewing the scoreboard. If you are able to upload your own picture for avatar i can already imagine the crazy user-avatars we'll encounter.. Here's the list:
Bug Fixes Removed the need to manually re-login and re-authenticate to Steam while in game Fixed a crash on startup when running windowed with a non-standard desktop resolution Removed the display of saytext (in-game chat text) from players whom you've blocked in Steam friends Locked down several engine cvars to prevent malicious script exploits Enforced file consistency on several sprites in Counter-Strike Removed "ex_extrapmax" cvar (no longer needed)Server Added "-noaff" command-line option to disable setting of thread affinity Added "bannedcfg" cvar so admins can choose which file is written to by the "writeid" command