2018 target

To reduce weight in 90 days  by 30kgs hopefully in April 2018

To settle down  all  pending accounts before audit start in March 18

Hopefully there is gain in my salary.

To improve my skills knowledge in accounting, communication skill and excel skills.

 To clean my room  kasi cantik skit.

 If there is hope in finding someone.

I want to resign and find new job

I hope to find new job... once I ready I have enough money. I wish I can.
Currently im still struggling with currrent work . Im doing 2 jobs at same time ..  meaning that
I have to do accounting and operation. Sometimes if I have to handled operation i will missed accounting. Then I get scold for not update accounting. If focus on accounting I am having trouble to concentrate on operation. The get scold from my second boss .
I currently really hate my job.

I think my boss are crazy,  I cant handle it both..

Today Journal 22/10/15

I got a call for interview from BAT.

They informed me that they will be submit to HR Manager if I am qualify to meets their requirement as Accounts Exec. The role was offered to me as GL and reconcile .

I am still waiting the email they send it me. Damn i forgot the HR name because I was happy to get phone call from very good company.

But  also I am scared if I failed to impress them for the interview. The problem I facing is my English. I still can speak English but not really fluent. Sometimes I also have broken grammar and also I facing the problem to develop story.

I will try properly to prepare myself.

Godswill . Insyallah I'll try my best to improve it.

Job, salary, commitment

I still haven't yet any offer from the company I went to interview. I am planning to be a charted accounting, probably by early next year. I'm not sure yet how much it will cost. So far I'm quite tired with my current work, quite boring, I unable to focus the job that I supposed to.

Currently I am planning to find anther job so that I can secure my career path, my education loan payment. It's hard for if I unable to pay my loan, I will unable to go overseas.

Hopefully I have another chances to get another job and prepare myself to continue my studies.


It's very long time I have not update my blog. Well tomorrow will be my interview session as account executive. Hopefully I am ready for tomorrow. Regards


Wahh skrg dah bulan jun, lagi seminggu aku start semester kedua, aku pun tak tau apa bakal result periksa. aku sebenarnye, ada masalah sikit untuk ingat.. tak pe next semester nih aku nak cuba strategi aku , aku cuba buat jadual belajar aku, biar balance study dengan lepak..

aku terasa agak shock( kejutan budaya) ... 4 bulan je belajar beb , terasa agak cepat.. aku ambik accounting.. sebab calculation, bagi aku , aku masih boleh bawa calculation dalam accouting, tapi subject teori aku ada masalah untuk mengingat..
jadi aku fikir aku cuba buat sesuatu.. mesti boleh.. dan mesti ada cara..

bulan lepas..

aku tiba pc aku buat hal, aku tengok elok study guna slides dari komputer , tiba2 monitor aku padam..

maka terpaksalah aku beli monitor baru .. samsung 20 inch .. ok gak wide screen aku nih, harga aku beli nih pun dlm rm439 , ok la , tempat lain still mahal lagi rm450, LG 19 inch lagi mhal dari aku beli nih..
tapi sebenarnya samsung bukan the best untuk monitor, bagi aku viewsonic la the bes…