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The Najmil- Method Of Study


a. TImetable
b. Organized
c. Revise
d. Lots Of Reading
e. Prayers

Ambition and Dreams


Relax, Exercise, Social, Sports

Do Good Dees, Evade Bad Deeds


A Mentor is sombody, usually older and more experienced, who provides advice and support to, and fosters the progress of a younger, less experience person. He or she may be your parent, a close or distant relative or someone who has no family relationship with you.

He is the person whom you always refer to for guide and advice. The mentor mutually respects and regards you as a protege or a friend. There is no reason at all for you to pay for advice and guidance.

A mentor is your 'personage' for life. YOu may depart with him for a long period of time after your tenure or stint at a particular place but the memories of him, him advice and thought, linger on your mind for rest of your entire life.

A student nee…

English - Muet Tips

Listening test
This is one of the tests in MUET which you could possibly get a perfect score. You should get a perfect score here, it is important for you to get a Band 6 because you will lose points in other tests.

Listening does not really indicate your level of English, especially if the speaker is English! So if you do lose points here, don't worry. Just try not to lose too many points here, practise many times with your MUET teachers before the actual test, try to listen to as many tapes as you can get your hands on. During the test, please look to your friends for help if you could not catch the questions or remember the correct answers. I am not encouraging you to be dishonest, but you could always pay attention to your friends gestures, read their lips, spot the blink of an eye, the touch of an ear, etc. Having a system before the actual tests does help.

Speaking test
If you can speak English naturally, please do all you can to convince the examiners that you have a good comma…

Best English Reference


How To Improve Your English

How To Improve Your English

Learning English (or any language for that matter) is a process. You are continually improving your English and the following "How to" describes a strategy to make sure that you continue to improve effectively.

Difficulty Level: Average Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

1. Remember that learning a language is a gradual process - it does not happen overnight.

2. Define your learning objectives early: What do you want to learn and why?

3. Make learning a habit. Try to learn something every day. It is much better to study (or read, or listen to English news, etc.) 10 minutes each day than to study for 2 hours once a week.

4. Remember to make learning a habit! If you study each day for 10 minutes English will be constantly in your head. If you study once a week, English will not be as present in your mind.

5. Choose your materials well. You will need reading, grammar, writing, speaking and listening materials

6. Vary your learning ro…

. I am who I am because of those around me.

I am who I am because of those around me.

haha aku ada lah Ubuntu user, it's now change..

cuba lah install ke pc anda, semuanya complete, office , video, mp3 player semua dah lengkap

btw aku lebih prefer redhat linux, sebab masa time dulu2 aku pernah guna linux pc cousin aku untuk chatting irc tahun 1997-1999 , pergh tak menyesal. Bila tanya cousin aku dulu kenapa linux? haha sebab boleh hack pc dan nasa pun guna linux ... lol

life has to go on

wahh 2009 , sekejap je masa berlalu, umur aku pun semakin meningkat, dah 23 aku ni,

skrg ni aku masih mengangur lagi , aku pernah cuba apply keje tapi still tak dpt, member aku semua keje, kata mereka tak sanggup sambung dah sebab nak kena loan dng ptptn, ada yang mereka ambil pjj

aku pulak tengah plan nak sambung study, seriusly english aku kurang bagus, siapa tentang math & science memang aku sekeh kepala diorang..

aku pulak dah lama cuti , aku pernah apply untuk keje practical lama aku tapi full, Aku berterima kasih kepada Miss Lim memberi tunjuk ajar kepadaku .

Pasal sukar ku mendapatkan kerja , hhaha pointer aku bukan bagus mana pun, tapi aku pernah dapat 3.5 cgpa, ntah mcm mana , mungkin aku tak ada rezeki, atau mereka saling mendengki tak boleh tengok kita maju. Srkg ni aku rasa dah terlambat bagi ku untuk bekerja..

aku kena lakukan aku kena dapatkan segulung lagi ijazah aku ni dengan pointer lebih bagus..
Walaupun orang kata pointer is nothing, tapi bagi aku ia adalah sesua…