Download Condition Zero Non-Steam

- Standalone
- Latest Version
- NonSteam Edition

- Standalone
- Latest Version
- NonSteam Edition
- Playable on LAN and on nonsteam servers
- Clean rip from original steam GCF files
- Suitable for a single CD

The latest iteration for the massively popular, online Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero adds a new single-player element for the first time ever! Compete against brilliant computerized opponents to rescue hostages, escort VIPs to safety and locate and diffuse bombs. Condition Zero features computerized opponents during online and offline play, new maps, weapons, and character models to take Counter-Strike to the next level!


- Improves on the original Counter-Strike, the world's No. 1 online multiplayer action game
- Stand-alone game: not necessary to own original Counter-Strike
- Better graphics, more weapons, new maps
- Includes extensive single-player campaign
- Supports cooperative play via LAN or internet connection

Download link


NOTE: I noticed renames my files. So after downloading, change filenames to:

Part1: CS.Condition.Zero-DiGiTALZONE.sfx.part1.exe
Part2: CS.Condition.Zero-DiGiTALZONE.sfx.part2.rar

note : After finish installed the condition zero, you need to find the server without vac secure, The non steam condition zero only support the non-steam server


Ben Amir said…
apa dia punya password???

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